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Scott Tennant – No.384, Winter 2016
Angel Romero – No.381, Spring 2016
Roland Dyens – No.379, Fall 2015

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Rooms Magazine UK, Issue 15
Patterns of the Unseen

October 1, 2014

Los Angeles-based photographer Felix Salazar takes documentary photography to a new level, taking an up-close look at the radiant lives that surround us all, whether human, animal, or even microscopic. read more, download PDF clipping »

The Weather Channel
Amazing Photos of Kaleidoscope Coral

March 6, 2014

These vividly colored creatures are home to more than one-quarter of our planet’s marine life, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Photographer Felix Salazar experimented with light and exposure to show the naturally intense colors of coral… read more »

Exposure Guide
Stunning Macro Shots of Vibrant Coral Reefs

July 12, 2013

Los Angeles based photographer Felix Salazar shows in his images exactly how varied reefs can get. Through his close-up macro shots, Salazar is able to demonstrate that each single coral is an absolute beauty made up of many colors and various patterns… read more »

Daily Mail
Incredible detailed photographs capture the beauty of coral in all its colorful natural glory

June 28, 2013

The colorful shapes and forms of coral have been revealed in the tiniest details thanks to the work of a Los Angeles photographer. read more »

The Poly Post
Alumni give students hand-on music experience

May 21, 2013

The school is recognized for its architecture and engineering programs but lacks in funding and support for its music department. CPP Alumni John Paul Trotter and Felix Salazar are aware of the lack of support for the music department and give back as much as they can…. read more »

But Does It Float
Terence McKenna

February 13, 2013

They looked like the concrescence of linguistic intentionality put through a kind of hyper-dimensional transform into three-dimensional space… read more »

Amusing Planet
Close-Up Pictures of Corals by Felix Salazar
January 23, 2013

Felix Salazar, a photographer and composer based on LA, offers us a closer look at the dazzling bright colors and texture of corals through pictures he took in salt aquariums… read more »

Macro photos of coral take us to underwater alien worlds

January 20, 2013

Felix Salazar’s macro photography of a coral reef offers a serene and colorful tour through an almost alien universe. Seen up close and in such brilliant colors, it’s easy to forget that these are creatures from our own planet…. read more »

Colossal – Art Design, And Visual Culture
Vibrant Macro Photographs of Coral by Felix Salazar

January 17, 2013

LA-based photographer and composer Felix Salazar recently captured some wonderful macro photos of several inhabitants in his salt water aquariums. The shocking variety of color makes the coral look like digital renderings… read more »

My Modern Met
Spectacular Macro Shots of Underwater Corals

January 14, 2013

Los Angeles-based photographer Felix Salazar takes an up-close look at the mesmerizingly radiant colors and textures found in underwater corals. Normally we expect coral to be a plant-like marine life that is typically found in varying shades of pink (or coral), but there are a myriad of subclasses and orders to the living colonies that offer a much wider spectrum of color… read more »

Album Review: Interlocking Textures
October 15, 2012

In August, the Los Angeles Electric 8 released Interlocking Textures, an album that “encompasses a century of American composers inspired by the subtle melodies and complex rhythms of Indonesian gamelan.”  There really couldn’t be a more fitting title fo… read more »

Los Angeles Times
Dance your L.A. summer away for (almost) nothing
July 6, 2011

Paying steep prices for concert tickets is such a pre-recession mentality. This summer, the city’s cup overflows with free (or practically free) pop, rock and dance music options, no matter what neighborhood or musical genre you call your own. Here’s just a taste of the summer’s offer… read more »

Black & White
Los Angeles Electric 8 modernizes classical music during assembly
May 3, 2011

Los Angeles Electric 8, an electric guitar octet that plays classical music, gave their first East Coast performance last Friday during third period. The group came to the Bethesda area to perform Friday evening at the Strathmore Guitar Festival, and Strathmore helped arrange a visit to Whitm… read more »

Baltimore City Paper
Critics’ Pick
April 28, 2011

We know, we know: “Classical music” played on electric guitar often winds up as some proggy “Karn Evil No. 9”-style eyewash. The pickers of the Los Angeles Electric 8 take a far more deft and acerbic tack, though, massing their amplified (but still fairly clean) signals in the… read more »

Washington Examiner
The Los Angeles Electric 8 throw convention to the wind
April 28, 2011

If you have never heard of an electric guitar chamber octet and can only imagine what a sight and sound it would deliver, especially in a classical setting, you are hardly alone. The Los Angeles Electric 8 makes its East Coast premiere in the Mansion at Strathmore with a program tha… read more »

Time Out New York
Critics’ Pick
April 27, 2011

For the latest installment of Amelia Lukas’s scintillating Ear Heart Music series, the West Coast guitar octet presents the New York premiere of 96 Tears by downtown luminary Phil Kline, plus some Indonesian tunes, and works by Mantle Hood and Wayne Siegel. read more »

Guitar Festival to Highlight Modern Collaborations
April 5, 2011

The music department’s “Shape Shifting Guitars Festival” will focus on the expansion of the guitar’s traditional role in chamber music. Master classes and performances will be held throughout April. “This is a celebration and expansion of the possibilities of the instru… read more »

Los Angeles Times
Critics’ Pick
June 19, 2010

Our photo was featured on the LA Times Calendar section promoting the REDCAT Summer Studio 2010. read more »

San Francisco Classical Voice
Los Angeles Electric 8

June 18, 2010

For many of us, classical music means the deep, melodious sounds created by the strings of a violin or the delicate, dulcet sound of light, nimble fingers swiftly climbing up and down the keys of a piano. These are exactly the conventional notions that the Los Angeles Electric 8 has passionately defied since 2007… read more »

Daily Bruin
Eight guitarists electrify classical music
May 19, 2009

UCLA has always been a place where students are encouraged to explore their potential. The Los Angeles Electric 8, a band that includes four UCLA alumni, has taken that idea to heart, exploring the limitless potential of one of the most popular instruments in music today: the electric guitar…. read more »

The Poly Post
Young Music Composer
Novemer 19, 2002

Some might say music’s greatest symphonies, scores and lyrics have already been written, but for one 24-year-old former commercial music student, he says it’s music or bust when it comes to creating new work….. read more »



Life in Colorado’s Freshwater

Client: University of Colorado Boulder Museum of Natural History


Live at Creative Arts Incubator (2017) by Doctor9

Album Credits: Mixing, Mastering, Engineering, Guitarist


PREVUE ep (2017) by Mike Meantstreetz

Album Credits: Mixing, Mastering


FeatherWolf (2017) by FeatherWolf

Album Credits: Co-Producer, Composer, Guitarist, Photographer


ima (2016) by Patrick Shiroishi

Album Credits: Mastering


2016 Instagram Series

2016 Instagram series. Found on instagram.com/_felixsalazar_/





Anfinsen’s Landmark (2016) by Patrick Shiroishi’s Black Sun Sutra

Album Credits: Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering


Guitar Salon International 2016 Yearly Calendar

Client: Guitar Salon International


Time & Space (2015)

"Sweater Weather" art exhibition at Time & Space Studios, Los Angeles, CA


Sichel (2015) by Brandon Mayer

Album Credits: Producer, Mixing, Arranging


Automobiles: 2014-2015

Clients: Car & Driver Magazine, Winding Road. Published automobile photos in articles with links.


2014 SRT Viper, Time Attack (TA)

Client: The Winding Road Magazine


Live @ The Boom Toom Room (2013) by FeatherWolf

Album Credits: Guitarist, Mixing



Client: Guitar Salon International


Sheetal Gandhi: “I Am You”

Client: Sheetal Gandhi


Interlocking Textures (2012) by Los Angeles Electric 8

Album Credits: Producer, Mixing, Arranging, Guitarist, Co-Director


Rain, Catherine and Kaity

Clients: Meg Chang and Connie Tao


Couch Camera Straps!

Client: Couch Camera Straps


PORTRAITS: 2010-2011

Solo, Couples and Family Portraits taken between 2010-2011. 12 Sets.


Imagined Overtures (2009) by Los Angeles Electric 8

Album Credits: Producer, Arranging, Guitarist


Paul Oakenfold with Live Orchestra (2007)

Program Credits: Arranger, Conductor, Composer


Free Licks Of My Candy (1995) by Cap N’ Crotch

Album Credits: Producer, Mixing, Design, Composer, Guitarist